The service was efficient and competent. I was able to secure my renewed US passport within 6 hours from the time I called.

Stephen B. 05/04/2011

I am so happy this worked!!! This was totally legit and we got our passports in 36 hours from our call to you!!! WOW!!! Your office was very helpful and calm. Thank you!!!

Karolyn T. 04/02/2011

IAG was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when I was faced with the issue of needing an urgent passport. They delivered as promised.

Matt B. 04/18/2011

IAG was very efficient and helpful. I needed a renewed US passport ASAP! And, without them, I would not have been able to go on my trip. Overall I was very happy.

Aoibhinn N. 03/14/2011

Dear Diva and IAG people: My husband and I are sitting on a plane ready to take off. Thank you, thank you, thank you again for your great service and help in getting his US passport renewed and back to us in time!

Moni P W. 03/22/2011

Thank you very much for all the help and support in getting my passport so fast. It has truly been a great experience working with you. Thank you again and I will certainly recommend you and your company to all my friends in need of an emergency passport or visa. Kind regards,

Lo-ami Knox

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your help in getting my son's passport! You did an excellent job! We will definitely recommend you to our friends! Thanks again

Lynn Roeder July 9, 2009

Luz - received my passport this AM and all is good. Thanks very much for the QUICK service. Being able to talk with a real person and have them guide me thru the maze was very helpful. Great job.

Cheryl BickleyAugust 5, 2009

Thank you so much for helping me with my passport situation. It arrived this morning at 8:30. IAG was very helpful in all aspects of processing my passport application quickly. Thank you. I hope I don't have to use your services again, but I will recommend it to others who have passport emergencies! Sincerely,

Jeffrey A. Dice, 2009

Thank you so much for your help with getting my passport so quickly. I was quite panicked about the whole situation and you were able to be there for me step by step and make it work. I would definitely recommend your company to others based on my experience. Thanks again, Sandi Gibson Springfield MO

Sandi GibsonSpringfield MO

"First and foremost, the staff at IAG was extremely professional and ALWAYS available to address my concerns. They turned around my passport within fourteen hours of my first conversation with their president at 11:00PM one evening. I extremely pleased with my experience in working with IAG." Sincerely

Allison Williams

Luz, I can not thank you enough for helping to have my stolen passports replaced. It was such a pleasure working with both you and Natalia. You both were very professional and sincere in dealing with my problem. I would highly recommend your company to anyone whom might have this happen to them. Again, all I can say is thank you, thank you. Dan Crozier

Dan Crozier

Author, The Right Job, Right Now "Thank you so much to IAG. I was absolutely stunned that they were able to turn my passport around in less than 8 hours. It absolutely saved the day and saved my trip. Their service was clear and easy and they kept me calm and collected while I navigated a very stressful day. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs professional, fast service. Susan, Washington, DC" Thank you so much!! SUSAN D. STRAYER, SPHR Author, The Right Job, Right Now


I just wanted to send this e-mail to let passport docs the outstanding service I received from a person named "Luz". She helped calm me down as I was a basket case from not having my passport (it was expired) as I had a plane to catch. She has called me so many times to help me and I appreciate it so much. I will recommend Luz for passport service any time I can. Sincerely

Eileen Victoria Elston

I will not hesitate to commend and recommend the professionalism and efficiency of the staff at IAG in renewing my passport. Allison did an awesome job with time constraints and bad weather threatening to scuttle the passport delivery from DC to NY. She persevered above all odds and was able to find a flight thus enabling me to make my trip. Thanks to all the staff. Cheers

Rudy Taddonio

Esteban, Claudia y Ana Carolina Lopez Muniz El servicio fue de primera y el profesionalismo fue estupendo. Muchísimas gracias por tu paciencia y esfuerzo que nos brindaste cuando estábamos con tanto estrés. Recomendaremos tus servicios a quienes lo necesiten. Atentamente

Esteban, Claudia y Ana Carolina Lopez Muniz

I am absolutely satisfied with my experience with Inter-American Group, Inc. The staff was very professional and efficient: they sent email documents for me to fill out and communicated information to me over the phone. My son’s passport actually arrived earlier then I had expected. Overall, I would definitely recommend anyone who needs to obtain a passport quickly to use IAG. I am so happy that I did!

Susan M. 03/16/2011

Dear Luz, I just wanted to write to thank you again for all you and your co-workers did to help us get our daughter’s passport in one day. Everyone was very professional and answered every question with patience. I was a nervous wreck and you and the staff at IAG were so reassuring and positive. You made a very stressful situation much more bearable. We are back from our trip and it was such a great vacation. We will forever be grateful to you all for making it happen. I will highly recommend your company to all my family and friends, if they are ever in need of passport services.

Kelley M. 03/15/2011

Thank you so much for helping me out. When I discovered at 10:30 pm that my passport was expired, I figured that there was no way I could leave on my flight 19 hours later. Fortunately, you took care of everything and my passport was ready an hour earlier than promised. The woman who answered explained the process, and took down the necessary information. The follow-up email with easy to follow instructions and a check list arrived just a few minutes after our phone call finished. Furthermore, your prices were significantly less than the prices listed online by other companies. You were the only company that had after-hours service and information that made it possible for me to get my passport renewed in such a short timeframe. From start to finish, your staff was professional and helpful. Thank you again for the top-notch service.

Roberta. 02/27/2011

Simplemente espectacular!! Mi preocupacion por perder una importante cita es cosa del pasado gracias a la excelencia en calidad y servicio de international document management. Desde la primera llamada atento y profesional personal dirigieron mi llamada con diligencia y responsabilidad. Luz , consuelo y demas excelente equipo colocaron en prioridad mi caso para atenderlo como solo ellos saben hacerlo. Es que este gran servicio evidencia el compromiso y la entrega con la que cada cliente es tratado. Un balance perfecto entre resposabilidad, diligencia, calidad y calidez humana. Siempre hacia la meta de que mis documentos llegaran a tiempo, luz, consuelo y demas equipo de trabajo dirigieron esta orden tal y como merecen sus clientes. Solicite un pasaporte de primera vez a traves de ellos y la experiencia fue maravillosa. Desde la orden, el procesamiento y los seguimientos, todo estuvo perfecto y muy profesional. Mi pasaporte llego a mis manos tal y como ellas garantizaron que seria y estoy altamente complacido con el trabajo de esta agencia. Recomiendo a todos que confien sus gestiones a esta gran empresa que desde el primer momento ofrecio y cumplio. Gracias a international document management llego a mi destino seguro y confiado.

Jose lopez.Orlando - Florida

Last Wednesday evening, March 3rd my son, Ryan Klepps came home from college to get some of his things ready because he was leaving on Saturday for a trip to Cozumel for spring break. I had taken out his passport that morning to have it ready for him, and mistakenly threw it away with all the garbage. And, of course, the garbage was picked up by the city that morning. We did not realize this happened until around 11:00 that night.....my older son was the only level headed person and went on the internet and found your website. We are all running around trying to find this passport to no avail. I called the number on your site and got a very helpful girl...i believe her name was Diva (or Anna) or something like that. She assured us that it was a reputable service and helped us through all the details. She immediately emailed us all the information and forms. My son called her at least 6 times while he was filling out the forms to ask questions...she was always courteous and acted very professional. She told us exactly what to do the next morning, step by step. By the way, by this time it was after midnight and she still was very pleasant to us. We got all his information together and FedEx’s it to IAG the next day by 11:00 in the morning...they called when they got his information and then called him back again when the passport was processed and on its way back to us. Ryan received his passport at 10:30 on Saturday morning and was able to go on his vacation. This would have not been possible without the help and support of everyone at IAG. It was a horrible experience but dealing with such nice people made it much easier to bear. Thank you, thank you............

Donna Klepps

My flight for London left on Wednesday evening. On Tuesday night I pulled My passport and discovered it had recently expired. As I searched the internet for help, I saw many sites that could assist me with a renewal in 24 hours, but only IAG promised a 12 hour turn around. After calling their emergency number, I received a call back within an hour from an IAG representative. She explained that they could turn my passport around in 8 hours if I could get all the documents to their office by 8 am on Wednesday morning. By 4 pm I had a new passport in my hands and was on my way to the airport. AMAZING!! They delivered on their word. I would highly recommend their service both for their helpfulness and their efficiency. Sincerely, Keith Peck

Keith Peck

I just want to thank you for all you did to insure my wife had her passport for our trip to London. You and your organization were nothing short of fantastic. First off, no one we called could turn the paperwork around in such a short time (2 days) other than your company. I then wondered if you could really do it. YOU DID!!!! Secondly, you checked the incoming Fed Ex delivery and alerted us that the documents not only needed to be sent over night but needed to arrive by 8:30am from Coast to Coast. Thirdly, when we forgot to fax the sheet for the payment you notified us immediately so as not to impede the process. Lastly, we needed a check covered at the US Dept. of State and you did that for us as well. We are forever grateful for your services and would not hesitate to recommend you. Sincerely California

James & Patricia Wilmore California

Hello, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to your company and to two of your employees. I will be going to Jamaica with my family tomorrow morning because of the service that your company provides. You see I looked at my passport at 9:00am this morning and discovered that it had expired by a couple of days. I was in a panic, not sure exactly what to do. My son found your company after searching Google and suggested that I contact you to see if your company could help. Luz and Karen assured him that you could and I took the Metro down to your office. Luz was professional and very efficient but more importantly she was caring and reassuring. I left your office at 11:00am and picked up my passport from Karen at 4:00pm. I cannot thank you, Luz and Karen enough. You rescued our Thanksgiving holiday, by making it possible for me to spend the holidays with my family. Being able to have Thanksgiving with my family was very important to me, but you see it is even more important this year because I have been diagnosed with Cancer and this will be the last trip I'll be taking before I start my treatments. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving... my family and I give thanks to all of you. Warmest regards,

John Nicolettos

IAG, I am taking a few moments to express how happy I am with the recent service provided by Luz Vosloh of your company. At the last minute I realized I overlooked the fact that the expiration date on my passport would prevent my travel to foreign destinations. I had three days to find a solution and while using Google search: "passport renewal" I found your site as well as others. It was after hours and I called and left several messages and Luz returned my call. I found her to be professional and knowledgeable. Needless to say I have my passport in time for my trip and am a very satisfied customer. I will receommend your service to others. Sincerely

George Shaw

Hi Luz, My apologies for the delay in sending you this email! I wanted to thank you again for your amazing services in helping me to get an expedited passport! Everyone was telling me that it couldn't be done so quickly, but you went above and beyond to make sure I had my passport within 48 hours! I was able to salvage my trip, and everything worked out, thanks to you! Any passport issues that I have in the future, I'll be sure to contact you again! Yours,

Sara Jones

Good afternoon, My wife and I used your service recently and we were very pleased with the outcome. On the evening of 7/29 we discovered that our passports had expired. It appeared that our trip to Aruba with family two days later on 8/1 would not be possible. On the morning of 7/30 we contacted several rapid passport services but in each case they would have had us waiting for Fed Ex delivery on 8/1 until after our departure time. When we called IAG your staff said "yes, we get your passport to you in time." We sent the Fed Ex with our applications on Thursday 7/30. On Friday morning the ever helpful Alison called to say that our package was not with the first group of Fed Ex deliveries. However, it arrived at your offices a short time later. We were kept up-to-date as the applications moved through the process and then were sent by courier to an American Airlines flight so that we could pick up that package at the Tampa airport that evening. We stayed at the airport hotel and I picked up our package at 1:15 am on 8/1. We had a great trip thanks to your terrific service. Thank you.

Mark GerszewskiAugust 21, 2009

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the great work IAG did for me. Last Friday, I was packing for my honeymoon to Costa Rica when I checked my passport. With all that has been going on with my life, I had forgotten to have my passport renewed. My husband and I were crushed to see that my passport had expired 6 months earlier. In our panic, we checked the internet and ran across your website. The website was very professional and promised speedy work and confidentiality. I called and was connected with Allison. Allison was calm and confident and walked me through the steps I would need to take to get a passport before our newly scheduled trip on July 1st. I completed the paper work and sent my information off. To be honest, I was a bit worried, that I had sent out so much private information about myself. In today's world of identity fraud, I was nervous. My documentation arrived at your office before 8:00 am on Monday and I had a new passport, along with my old passport by 9:30 am Tuesday morning. I was so relieved. Now, my new husband and I can go on our honeymoon and begin our lives together. Thank you so much for your help, understanding and professional work. I hope that no one I know has to go through this process, but if they do, I would whole heartily recommend IAG. Your work was quick, professional and secure. Again, thank you!

Stefanie (Johnson) Olszewski

Hi, I would like to truly thank you for all your help and my happy ending!! Here's my story: 2 days ago, June 23rd 2009, at exactly 1 pm AZ time as I was preparing my bags for my trip to France with my 2 boys (4 and 5) to visit my family and had the shock of my life. I could not believe that little john's passport was expired. I had not realized that kids passports were only valid for 5 years, I had blindly assumed it would be 10 years, as for mine. With our trip scheduled for tomorrow, june 26th it seemed like there was not much I could do. His passport had expired on June 23rd! I got myself together and started calling... consulate, 24h services and after dozens of phone calls was told that it could not be done by Friday with a 7am departure or that I needed to make an appointment at the consulate in San Francisco to go in person with my husband and my child to have a same day passport. Needless to say, with both of us working this was going to be impossible. This is when the lucky 13th call came. I called passportdocs.com. I reached Luz. By then it was 2.45pm. She quickly explained what needed to be done; she guided me through the docs which I printed as she spoke and to the nearest post office where I could all get it done. She told me to call her back after the post office passport service was completed so we could talk about the mailing. She explained timeframe and cost and stayed calm the whole time. I was trying to remain as calm as possible but with the post office passport service closing at 3pm things were tight. I hung up rushed to the post office, called a friend who could pick up my child, have pictures made and meet me at the post office, got hold of my husband at work so he could meet us there too as required... and by some miracle by 3.45pm all the docs were in a sealed envelope, my husband had returned to work, my child was back at childcare and I was on my way to the closest FedEx office with Luz on the phone. She was very encouraging, congratulated me on such a quick and calm turn around and directed me through the last steps. I called her back once I had sent the package with the tracking number. From there I knew I had done what I could - it was up to her and passportdocs. She confirmed the next day that she had got the package, confirmed in the afternoon that the passport was ready and left me a tracking number. It is now 8.54am Arizona time on June 25th and FedEx just delivered the package! Hurray! I have a full day of work left, suitcases to pack but my stress is gone. I have worked for American Express for 12 years in Corporate Services so I know the meaning of extraordinary service, quality and speed. Thank you so much for everything you have done. This was truly exceptional service! I will certainly tell my story to everyone who wants to listen, and while I hope it wont happen again, I will certainly come pack to passportdocs and Luz if the time comes! THANK YOU


I wanted take a minute and thank you for the personalized and caring service you provided to me during my passport crisis. You and your staff were not only professionals, but you showed caring and compassion as I dealt with the stress of the situation. If it had not been for your kindness and willingness to go the extra mile in patiently explaining my options and helping me realize that my problem could be solved if I followed your counsel, I am confident I would not have made it to my destination. Attending that wedding in Mexico was so important to me and my family. You and your team made it happen and guided me each step of the way. I want to personally thank you and your team for all you did. It was worth every dollar I paid. I cannot thank you enough. Please feel free to share my comments on your web site and with any prospective clients you may have. Most sincerely,

Aaron Osmond

Please be advised that Natalia and the other girls in this office were so helpful. Natalia walked me through everything so I would have the correct paperwork the first time I submitted it, as this was a rush situation. The other girls were just as kind and helpful as Natalia each time I called, and I apologize for not remembering their names as I didn't write them down. I sent the paperwork off on a Wednesday, one and a half weeks before leaving the country, and I had the passport delivered to me the next Tuesday. That is incredible work with the best customer service I have experienced in a long time. These ladies made a stressful situation very pleasant; they also made me feel confident of the outcome. My granddaughter has just lost her father in a car accident so it was very, very important to do this for her and you all made the hardest thing happen. Thank you for giving my granddaughter a huge gift in a difficult time, that means more than any words can express. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone that may need an American passport as you all make it a pleasant, stress free experience, with a very fast outcome. Thank you again so much. Men are wise in proportion, not to their experience, but to their capacity for experience.

James Boswell

I just want to thank you once again for your help with expediting Dustin’s passport. After many, many phone calls to various agents that claimed they couldn't help us at the "eleventh hour", you assured us that it could be done. I appreciate the way you remained calm during our crisis, and walked us through every single step needed to be done (including finding out which post offices and FedEx offices were open in our area) in order to get Dustin's passport back to us in a timely fashion. You were very patient and kind in receiving every single one of our many phone calls -- it showed that you cared. Thanks to you, he's now on his way to the Bahamas and only missed one day of his vacation instead of missing his entire vacation!! I would highly recommend your services to anyone in need of a passport in a hurry!! Like I said last night, during my last phone call to you, we now have a friend in Washington!! Enjoy your summer! Best regards,

Kathi Bornstein

I discovered this past Thursday afternoon (May 21) that my passport had recently expired, and I am scheduled to leave for England with my daughter on Sunday, May 24. I contacted your company in a total, tearful panic, and spoke with a wonderful woman named Allison. She patiently walked me through the last-minute process of getting a new passport literally overnight. I must have called her half a dozen times with questions or for reassurance! My passport arrived this morning via overnight FedEx, just as Allison assured me it would. I would like to thank her so very much, for helping a freaked-out, stressed-out, totally panicked woman. Allison is truly a gem!

Mary Simon

I just wanted to thank you for getting me my passport a week ago Monday. Because of you, my trip with my family to Cancun for spring break was saved! I was able to catch a flight Tuesday morning at 6AM and join my husband and two 13 year olds. I went from being devastated to being elated! I found IAG online and called on Sunday afternoon, thinking I would never hear back from anyone on a weekend. But you called back and told me to bring my documents to your office by 7:45 and if all went well, I would have a passport by 4:30 that afternoon. I couldn't believe you called me back on a Sunday and gave me hope that I could join my family! On Monday I met you with all of my paperwork and passport photos but the picture was too big. Instead of saying it can't be done, you had me go to CVS and have new pictures taken, then you had a courier bring them to you at the State Department. You went the extra mile to make sure everything would go smoothly. And sure enough, at 4:20 I had the passport in my hand! Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provided. You were so pleasant, thorough and patient! I hope I never need your services again (I'll keep an eye on that expiration date) but I will recommend you to friends and family in the future! Thanks again Luz,

Anne Jones

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how grateful I am for you and all of your help! You helped me get my boss' passport completed when I didn't know what else to do! I am sincerely grateful that I called your phone number and I thank you for all of your dedication to get this completed for me in record breaking time! I have no idea what I would have done if it wouldn't have been for you! I will tell everyone that needs passport services to come your way! IAG, Inc. is a very lucky company to have you on their team as its people like you that make a great company! Thank you again so much! Best regards,

Dawn Munn

I recently found myself needing a passport on short notice, and looking for help getting one in a timely fashion. I found out about IAG through a Google search and gave them a call. They were able to explain the process and what would be needed to quickly obtain a passport, and even helped me find locations nearby to get the forms and pictures that I needed. As soon as they received the forms they moved quickly and efficiently, having the passport on my doorstep within days. Every contact was friendly and professional. From first contact to the time the passport was in my hands was only 8 days, which was faster even than the estimate they gave me on first contact. This company deeply impressed me with their high level of professionalism and competence. I plan on using them for all future passport needs.

Jeffrey C Perry

First class service! Highly recommend! Thank you!

Kim A. 03/28/2011